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Disability & Access Services (DAS) arranges academic accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. Such accommodations may include use of a laptop for notes, a smart pen, laboratory assistance, course materials in alternative formats, reduced course load, or possibly examination-related accommodations such as extended time or a distraction-reduced environment. Students seeking accommodations will need to fill out this form and schedule an intake appointment to meet with one of the DAS staff members. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The process can take up to three (3) weeks once all documentation has been submitted.  


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Policies and Procedures

Below are the general polices of the Disability & Access Services office at Boston University (DAS)
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I understand that:

→ It is my responsibility to provide accurate and timely documentation to DAS.

→ It is my responsibility to check my Accommodate Portal for updates and announcements. 

 Once my documentation is in and I have had a formal intake, the process  can take up to three weeks to be completed.

  It is my responsibility to request accommodations each semester.

  I must notify DAS if I drop or add classes.

 It is my responsibility to print and deliver my accommodation letters to my professor in a timely fashion.

  If I am requesting a new accommodation, I must provide updated documentation and meet with a staff member

  It is my responsibility to communicate directly with my faculty regarding exam accommodations, and stay in communication about the time and place of such exams.

  It is my responsibility to contact Disability & Access Services in a timely fashion if I am having any difficulties in securing or arranging accommodations.

I am responsible for the condition and timely return of any equipment I use or borrow from DAS.

If I am approved for Notetaking or Audio recording services, I understand that the notes and/or recordings are for my use only and may not be shared.  In addition, I understand that I will only receive these services when I am present.

 Requesting accommodations does not mean I have been or will be approved. 

 Some accommodations may be approved temporarily.  This may be due to insufficient documentation and/or type of disability.  In these cases, I will need to update my documentation to receive accommodations again. 

   DAS does not provide retroactive accommodations.

  Faculty are not required to provide any accommodation that fundamentally alters the nature of their course or lowers their academic standards.

  Faculty are not required to provide any accommodation without receiving a paper copy of your Faculty Accommodation Letter at least one week in advance of a quiz or exam.

  It is my responsibility to ask the professor of record whether other professors or academic personnel (such as course coordinators or teaching fellows) need to be informed of my approved for accommodations. It is also my responsibility to inform those professors as well. 

  Failure on my part to carry out any of these responsibilities may result in my inability to secure accommodations.

Adding your name below indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to the policies of DAS.  

Thank you for completing this form. If you haven't yet, please contact us at 617-353-3658 to schedule an intake appointment.

For students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, please email us at